Jan 25 (Lagos) - FCMB stock price gained 22% after gaining in all five sessions this week. 

The stock recorded an almost 10% gain in today’s session to close at N 2.15, its highest price since July 2018, and is up 14% year to date. 

After the Access-Diamond merger, mid size banks like FCMB and FIDELITYBK could be next acquisitions in line for bigger banks. These banks have better corporate governance structures and transparency than their smaller peers like WEMABANK and UNITYBNK

We expect next week to be more choppy after the President removed the Chief Justice of Nigeria from his post less than 1 month before the general elections. A lot of protests are going to take place and with the political risk rising alarmingly, there will be prospects of fresh opportunities in the stock market. 
reporting for on Friday, Jan 25 2019 from Lagos, Nigeria
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