FSDH: Nigeria’s debt management strategy no longer attractive   
 Jan 23 (Lagos) - Nigeria’s debt management strategy seem bleak due to projected increase of the United State interest rate, the Head of Research, FSDH merchant bank, Mr. Ayodele Akinwummi, has revealed.

Akinwummi stated this at a press briefing against the backdrop of the organisation’s economic and financial market outlook for 2019-2021 which was titled ‘Bumpy Road Ahead, Policy Option and Strategies.’

He explained that 2019 will witness triple increase in the interest rate of Federal Open Market Committee of the United States reserve by 0.25, forecasting that this portend negative for counties that want to borrow from international market.

He advised the federal government to borrow from home, adding that borrowing from international market will expose the country to rise in interest rate and exchange rate risk.

Reporting for easykobo.com Wed, 23 Jan 2019 from Lagos Nigeria.
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