Draft Deal of the uncoupling of UK from the EU   

19 November 2018 : Last week, the UK cabinet backed the draft withdrawal agreement written by British and European negotiators. The agreement covers all aspects of UK-EU relations from immigration to agriculture, with a major part of the agreement established to maintain European workers’ rights to live and work in the UK until December 2020, after which the UK would take full control of its borders. The draft deal does not fully uncouple the UK from the EU as many right-wing politicians were hoping, with the UK remaining in the customs union almost indefinitely thanks to a backstop to prevent a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. This week, Theresa May will travel to Brussels to iron out the final details of the political declaration on Britain’s future relationship with Europe with the President of the European commission, with an approval expected by Sunday. 

Reporting for EasyKobo on Monday , 19 November 2018 in Lagos, Nigeria

Source: Vetiva Capital Management Limited

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