US Congressional split could check Trump’s foreign policy   

07 November 2018 : The Democratic party is poised to take control of the US House of Representatives according to exit polls, as they only need to secure a few more seats to gain a majority in the lower house of Congress. Although the Republican party retained control of the Senate, this split in Congress brings an end to the effective Republican control of the three branches of government—the Supreme Court is split 5-4 in favour of the Republican party. This is likely to increase the Democrat’s ability to check President Trump’s powers and gives them greater influence over policy. In particular, foreign policy issues such as immigration and Saudi Arabia may become more complex as the Democrats are generally more skeptical of the Middle East giant (unlike President Trump) and more receptive of immigration. 

Reporting for EasyKobo on Wednesday , 07 November 2018 in Lagos, Nigeria

Source: Vetiva Capital Management Limited

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