Mirror, Mirror on the wall, which bank has the best WhatsApp service of all?   

02 November 2018 : Banks have become extremely tech-davy these days by trying to make their Banking services approachable and convenient, where you can perform all your financial transactions at the click of a button at the leisure of your own home . 

Four Nigerian Banks: United Bank for Africa (UBA), Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB), Access Bank and First Bank have come up with WhatsApp banking service, which in essence is leveraging the extremely popular messaging platform to offer potential customers to perform basic financial transactions. 

Business Insider Sub-Saharan Africa  tested the services of these Banks on WhatsApp and compared them against one another and declared a winner. Although, the Banks still have a long way to go in terms of their WhatsApp Banking features, but its still a step in the right direction.  

Lets compare their services, shall we?

1. First Bank

Welcome message : Welcome to FirstBank. You can now transact and receive updates via WhatsApp!

“Before we continue, we'll need you to opt-in by accepting the terms and conditions detailed here: https://chatbanking.firstbanknigeria.com/whatsapp/terms/e6ca80ec-61a9-4040-8337-24b38ad92417,” is the first message you will receive from First Bank.

This message states the terms and conditions of the WhatsApp Banking on its platform and expires within a limited period if you fail within the given period of time.

These are some of the transactions you can perform via FBN WhatsApp banking:

- Check account balance and request mini bank statement

- Funds transfer

- Airtime and internet data purchases,

- Pay bills and utilities

- Merchants payment

These are some things that you notice outright:

1. You are expected to set a unique 4-Digit Transaction PIN to access and/or transact on First Bank WhatsApp Banking.

2. Charges apply for some transactions

3. In its terms and conditions, FBN says it “reserves the right to review WhatsApp banking charges at any time without prior notice” to its customers.

2. Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)

Nigeria’s leading Bank doesn't state conditions to use its WhatsApp banking service and customers are prompted to join by dialling a code on their phones.

Welcome Message : “Welcome to GTBank WhatsApp Banking. Please dial *737*17# to Opt-In and enable WhatsApp Banking,” the service says.


These are some of the transactions you can perform via GTB WhatsApp banking:

- Buy airtime and data

- Banking transfer to GTB and other banks

- Check account balance and perform card-less withdrawal

- Apply for salary advance and loan among others.

These are some things that you notice outright:

1. You agree to the terms and conditions of the WhatsApp banking by dialling a code and the details of the conditions not expressly stated.

2. At every step, you pass through a gateway to opt-in via the USSD code and your 4-digit transaction PIN.

3. It is simple and easy to use.

3. United Bank For Africa (UBA) WhatsApp banking a.k.a. LEO

Some of the features on LEO include fund transfer, top-up, checking of bank statement and account balance, and opening an account.

3. United Bank For Africa (UBA) WhatsApp banking a.k.a. LEO

These are some of the transactions you can perform via UBA WhatsApp banking:

1. fund transfer

2.  top-up

3. checking of bank statement and account balance

4. opening an account.


These are some things that you notice outright:

1. LEO automatically detects your account number via your Whatsapp mobile number.

2. Transaction such as checking of account balance and top up airtime is seamless.

3. On its terms and conditions page, UBA says “any update or amendment shall be notified to you through your registered email with the bank.”


4. Access Bank WhatsApp banking


Welcome message :As at October 31, 2018, the number (+234 909 090 1901) Access Bank dedicated to its WhatsApp banking service is not functional.



1. Some transactions need to be included such as activation/deactivation of SMS alert and other features on a personal account like making a request for ATM card, live WhatsApp chat with a customer rep.

2. The winner is UBA!


This is why

1. UBA’s LEO automatically extracts your account details without any trouble.

2. LEO’s is a lot easier to use than the others in comparison.

3. LEO is more personable, more human, and it feels like you’re talking to an experienced customer representative.

Reporting for EasyKobo on Friday , 02 November 2018 in Lagos, Nigeria

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