Africa's six most genius companies according to Times Magazine   

08 October 2018 : 6 African companies made to to Times Magazine “ 50 most genius companies in 2018”.  According to the Magazine, these innovative firms cater to the real world problems providing creative solutions to make the world a better place and thus drive progress. 

These companies from Africa are on the path of inventing the future:

  1. Nigeria's Babymigo

Babymigo, as the name suggests, it connects mothers-to-be with information, medical experts, services and other parents via an online interactive forum. The platform boasts of an SMS subscription service specifically catered to pregnant women to inform them of prenatal appointments and their babies’ development. 

2. Ghana's Bitland

Bitland is an organization which aims to provide services that allow individuals and organizations to survey land and record deeds onto the Bitshares Blockchain.

3. Kenya's Ona

Since data- infrastructure is a major problem in Africa, Ona is looking to change that by building data infrastructure to drive change. The company creates opportunities for governments and development organizations to be increasingly data-driven, collaborative and accountable.

4. Kenya's BRCK

BRCK marries frontier market with technology needs for internet in East Africa. The firm boasts of a team of software developers, engineers and technologists in Nairobi, the company designs mobile WiFi devices that enable internet connectivity in regions with poor infrastructure.

5. South Africa's AgriProtein

AgriProtein is pioneering waste-to-nutrient recycling technology to up-cycle organic waste into high-protein animal feed using fly larvae.

The world’s biggest fly-farmer, it builds and operates its own fly-factories and licences set-up and operation by others.

6. South Africa's Wonderbag

Tons of fuel is wasted everyday in cooking food in developing nations, Wonderbag tried to counter that, by manufacturing a stand-alone, non-electric insulated bag designed to reduce the amount of fuel required in cooking.

Reporting for EasyKobo on Monday , 08 October 2018 in Lagos, Nigeria

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