$ 45.7bn investments made in 9 states in Nigeria in H1’18, Rivers State accounts for 35% of this.   

25 September 2018 : 9 states in Nigeria witnessed an investment of a whopping $45.74 billion for 42 projects in H1’18. Oil minted Rivers state topped the charts for receiving 35% of the total investment in the country. It was ahead of the nation’s capital and Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

According to the NIPC H1 2018 report which tracked investments for the first half of 2018 by sector, investors’ country of origin, and destination state

The Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC) has released a report on top investment destination by states in Nigeria in the first half of 2018.

From a sectoral stand point of the investment profile, mining and quarrying accounted for 61% of the total investment and manufacturing, 28%, transportation & storage 5%, real estate 3% and the remaining sectors accounting for 3%.

The investments made were from investors in 11 countries, with French companies accounting for 35% of the value, closely followed by Nigerian companies at 31%.Others that closely followed are the United Kingdom at 20%, Luxembourg 7%, and the remaining 8% were from the other countries.

These are the top investment destination by states in the first half of 2018.:

1. Rivers $16 billion

2. Bayelsa $12 billion

3. Lagos $11.9 billion

4. Delta $3.1 billion

5. Other states $6%

Reporting for EasyKobo on Tuesday , 25 September 2018 in Lagos, Nigeria

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