Monday, January 21, 2019 6:55:45 PM- Nigerian Stock Exchange.

  SEPLAT lists 25 million extra units


Feb 2 (Lagos) - SEPLAT has announced earlier today announced the listing of an additional 25,000,000 ordinary shares (4.4% of existing shares) on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, effectively taking the company’s share capital to 588,444,561 ordinary shares of 50 Kobo each. 

The shares all have voting rights and are particularly allotted to the Management and Directors of SEPLAT in furtherance of the Company's Long-Term Incentive Plan.

Shares of SEPLAT Petroleum Development Co are currently trading at N 685.10 at the Nigerian Stock Exchange in Lagos at the time of writing this article.

reporting for on Friday, Feb 2 2018 from Lagos, Nigeria

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