Friday, October 19, 2018 11:07:01 AM- Nigerian Stock Exchange.

  NSE INDICES see changes in members


Jan 3 (Lagos) - The Stock exchange completed its bi-annual review of its index member Companies and following are the results.

Notably OANDO & 7UP are leaving any index they were present in because the first has some major corporate governance issues it needs to deal with and the second will soon be de-listed from the exchange. 

In the Oil & Gas index, ETERNA enters again in place of OANDO while the Islamic index sees WAPCO replace 7UP

Theoretically, when stocks enter an index they should attract more interest from institutional investors. 
               INCOMING STOCKS                                             OUTGOING STOCKS

                 DANGFLOUR , NASCON , DIAMONDBNK                       OANDO , 7UP , UACN


                        HONYFLOUR , INTBREW                            OANDO , 7UP

OIL & GAS                

                         ETERNA                                    OANDO


                         WAPCO                                             7UP

reporting for on Wednesday, Jan 3 2018 from Lagos, Nigeria

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