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  Opinion Poll : How do you feel about 2018


Dec 21 (Lagos) - How do you feel about 2018? Are you bullish or bearish on stocks?

Please let us have your opinion via a vote on the bottom right on the homepage of easykobo website. 

Things to consider for both sides


Strong global economy especially in USA, Germany and India.
Rising crude oil prices
Recession over and growth increasing in Nigerian economy
Stable exchange rate 
Lower interest rates
Pre-election spending to boost economy


Pre-election years are hardly good for stock market except for one historically.
High inflation persisting
Crude oil prices could start falling again.
Rising interest rates in USA could endanger the Naira exchange rate. 
Petrol price at pump vs black market rate due to fuel shortages leading stagnating growth. 

So how do you feel about 2018?

If you are not sure, you can vote for that too.

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