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  Job Vacancy!


Announcing job vacancy at easykobo.com position of Business Development Manager.

The following qualifications are desirable and only those applicants will receive interview who meet these criteria in our opinion.

1) No prior work experience required. 

2) Ideal for fresh graduates who want to work in finance sector of Nigeria.

3) Computer literacy is a must - MS Office and E-mail proficiency, data entry skills required.

4) Good English speaking and writing skills.

5) Good Maths skills.

6) application and resume must be sent to us by email to easykobo@easykobo.com with subject "BDM application".

7) Basic knowledge of stock markets, financial ratio analysis, how to read balance sheet of Company. 

8) long-term commitment. 

9) Based in Lagos. 

10) Understand what Easykobo is all about and tell us in the application, What is Easykobo? what do you feel can be done at easykobo to make it better for end users? 

BDM will be responsible for creating revenue streams for website. The person must have ideas to how to grow the website and ready to accept new challenges. 

We are looking for a candidate who is ready to invest in this job and reap the rewards of the growth driven by himself/herself. 

Deadline for application - Friday, January 13 2017. 

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