Sunday, January 21, 2018 7:48:08 PM- Nigerian Stock Exchange.

  DANGCEM , FO, MOBIL, GTB & NESTLE push stocks higher by 1.88%

      Heavyweight stocks start the rally

Dec 2 (Lagos) - Heavyweight stocks lifted the stock market higher by 1.88% today in Lagos as beat down prices, future prospects and an acquisition attracted investors. 

The five stocks that caused today's rally were DANGCEM , FO , MOBIL , GUARANTY and NESTLE . All of these Companies are leaders in their sectors and account for lions share of capitalization of the Nigerian Stock Market All Share Index. 

Stocks rose today across the board as low prices attracted investors even as the Naira weakened at both the inter-bank and the parallel markets. This is the top threat to the economy of Nigeria as none of CBN's policies seem to be working.

So December has started with hope for investors who are beaten down after receiving a battering for the previous 11 months of the year. 

Everyone is hoping that this rally continues into the Christmas break and beyond in to the new year. 

Nigeria is the giant of Africa and it must wake up and deliver. 

reporting for on Friday, December 2 2016 from lagos, Nigeria

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