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  Pipeline blown up again in Niger Delta

      and CBN governor proposes phone call tax

Nov 28 (Lagos) - There are reports of renewed attacks on oil pipelines in the Niger Delta. A major NPDC pipeline was blown up over the weekend according to those reports. 

This would be a set back to efforts of the government to solve the major problem of forex revenue generation in the Country. Crude oil prices have increased recently but Nigeria cannot benefit because country's output is crippled by such attacks on pipelines.

According to reports the militants mocked the government that the recent lull in their activity was a period of strategic planning and now the results of that planning will begin to show. 

Meanwhile the CBN Governor suggested that government should start taxing every mobile phone call of more than 3 minutes. The proposed tax was source of major jokes on the beach this weekend in Lagos as people already fed up with the policies of CBN tried to laugh it off. 

How far with the Dollar exchange rate? we dey float float abi?

reporting for on Monday, Nov 28 2016 from Lagos, Nigeria

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