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  CBN to issue N 101 billion T-Bills


Sep 18 (Lagos) - Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)plans to issue N 101.21 billion ($641.18 million) in treasury bills ranging from 3-month to 6-month maturities at its regular bi-monthly debt auction on Thursday. CBN it will issue 37.48 billion naira in 91-day paper and 63.73 billion naira in 182-day bills on Sept. 20.

Dealers said the bills are likely to be oversubscribed because of a fresh injections of oil money into government budgetary allocations for August last week, and increased offshore interest in the local debt.

Offshore investors are positioning themselves to buy sovereign debt from Africa's second biggest economy, ahead of next month's inclusion of Nigeria's bonds in JP Morgan's emerging market government bond index with a 0.58% weighting. This could also lead to more US based banks in following in line after JP Morgan's actions.

Central Bank of Nigeria issues treasury bills regularly to reduce money supply, curb inflation and help lenders manage their liquidity.



reporting for on Tuesday, Sep 18 2012 from Lagos, Nigeria

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