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    About Us was created in the middle of the financial crisis that devastated the Nigerian capital markets in the past 3 years. We saw people losing most of their money invested in company stocks. Easykobo was created to provide a fresh approach to investing in the Nigeria capital markets where accurate and up to date information is freely made available to investors so they do not blindly invest in companies and lose their money.

With that in mind, went live in December 2010. Our aim at is to enable investors in Nigeria with a finance website that provides them independent and accurate information on stock listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, bonds, ETF's and real estate.
We have heard the tales of investors who have lost their livelihoods as a result of buying shares without knowing much about the companies or their stock brokers. Now easykobo is available to fill that vacuum and we will continue to fill that gap. Easykobo is evolving all the time, if you are an investor in Nigeria; you are welcome to witness the change.




Owned and operated by Naija infotech and solar energy ltd, EASYKOBO.COM provides everyone a wide variety of financial resources for the Nigerian financial markets. To customize Easykobo and to take advantage of certain offerings, you must be a registered Easykobo user.


Information Collection and Use Practices

  • Stock Portfolio (MY STOCKS)

    • In addition to registration, if you would like to track a stock portfolio you will need to create a portfolio and, at a minimum, include the stock symbol.

    • You can view this portfolio within Your stock portfolio ticker symbols are used to present the information you specify.

    • You can edit or delete your stock portfolio or customized settings by clicking on the “edit portfolio” link within


  • Stock game ( STOCK TRIALS)

    • You must be a registered user to play the stock game. When you sign up for website.

    • Rules of the game can be found on the stock game page.

    • Prizes for the particular game in progress can be found on the stock game page.

    • This is not a lottery or a draw but a performance based competition.


  • Peer Comparison Tool ( PEERS )
           This section allows you to compare Nigerian stocks by your own choice or by Industry.
            You do not need to be logged in to use this tool.
            It is free to use.
            Information here like ratios, financials are calculated using our own tools and presented 
            according to best of our knowledge. You should not make investments in Nigerian                     stocks based on these comparisons and consult your financial advisor before making any             investments.

  • Calculators
    • You do not need to be logged-in to account to use the   currency converter, gold value estimator on

    • Currency converter and gold value estimator are currently provided by a third party. Data input in these tools will be processed by the third party.
  • Interactive charts

    • provides interactive charts for stocks listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Users are not required to join to access these charts.


  • Opinion Poll

    • Users go not need to be logged in to vote in the opinion polls held on We do not ask for your personal details in order to vote.


  • Blogs and comments

    • Comments in articles and blogs are entered by registered users of Easykobo website i.e people who have registered on the easykobo website using registration form on the website and agreed to easykobo terms and conditions.
    • You have to be a registered user to be able to enter your comments in the articles and blogs.
    • When you enter your comments in articles and blogs, your comments become publicly viewable.
    • Abusive and offensive comments may be removed. 
    • and Naija infotech and solar energy ltd takes no responsibility for the comments posted in articles and blogs by registered users of


  • Information

    • Easykobo collects and publishes publicly available Nigerian financial news.
    • We provide this information to the best of our knowledge and believe it to be accurate. However we do not advise users to make investment decisions based on this information.
    • Investments in stocks involve risk and you should consult your financial planner or financial advisor before making any investments in stocks.
    • We do not provide any stock trading recommendations.
    • or Naija infotech and solar energy are not responsible for any losses you may occur while investing in the Nigerian stock market.


  • Other
    • When you use you are subject to the Easykobo Terms of Service. Specific Easykobo products may have their own Terms of Service, in addition. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time we deem necessary.

This page describes current practices with respect to this particular service. This information may change as easy kobo revises this service by adding or removing features or using different service providers.